ribbon blenders

What Lies Inside Of Most Popular Industrial Blender

There is every good reason as to why this instrument is deemed to be the most popular for industries across the board. Industrialists and business owners favor the ease of maintenance, as well as the initial purchasing costs and low production costs per pound of product that industrial use  ribbon blenders are able to provide them. All costs and processing, manufacturing and maintenance efforts are generally believed to be quite low and favorable respectively in comparison to all other types of industrial blenders current on the market.

Industries taking advantage of the ribbon blenders’ capabilities include the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food processing, paint, plastics, chemicals industries, to name but a few. Two distinct styles inform the ribbon blender. One style uses a center bottom discharge. The alternative is an end discharge. The purpose in the latter case is to discharge a product at the end of the machine run rather than at its center.

But all ribbon blenders will have a counter current flow pattern inside of its blending chambers. This is what keeps materials batches blended at its uniform height during operations. The best designed ribbon blenders can operate at fast speeds. They are also easy for users to load and unload. Owing to the different industries out there, and its unique purposes, ribbon blenders will come in different styles, shapes, sizes and weights.

ribbon blenders

Horsepower up to 150 HP is not uncommon. The size and construction of a blender is informed by its bulk density, as well as unique features as specified by the industrial client being serviced. With low levels of maintenance only needed, it is still possible to maintain high levels of safety and sanitation. And there is more to the sum of its parts in terms of what goes on inside a blender.